Sometimes marriage isn’t the happily ever after we are looking for and couples might experience problems in their relationship.

Hopefully you will be able to sort out your issues or separate amicably but in the event that things turn sour, remember to stay safe.

Marriage Problems & Getting Separated

Try to resolve all issues amicably
Stay safe at all times
Help is available, even for foreign nationals
Consider all practical aspects of a separation
So if the person you married doesn’t seem anything like the person you fell in love with or you are victim of domestic violence, help is available, even if you are a foreign national. Read our Marriage Issues page for more information.

If you have decided to separate, there are some important issues you will need to consider as well. It is an emotional time, but it is essential that you take care of all the practical details. If you are a foreign citizen in the country, you will also need to consider immigration issues in the event of a separation. For more information, visit our Separation and Divorce page.