At Cupid Media, protecting users against fraud or scam is a daily priority. For us creating the safest place to meet your soulmate is a key driver of our organisation. For this, we have built a comprehensive international fraud prevention team that works diligently to identify and investigate any suspicious activity. They proactively remove disingenuous characters from Cupid Media sites and also, manage members suggestions.

We took safety to another level, we became leaders combating internet scams and fraudulent dating practices.

How do we keep Cupid Safe?

We use world class anti fraud technologies to screen, identify and remove profiles that are questionable and deceptive. We take swift action on any profiles that attempt to misuse our sites. This software is designed to remove profiles with suspect activity, inappropriate behaviour or falsified identity. Our Aim is to provide our members with a safe and secure environment to find their life partner.

You are also important in our combat against scam and fraud, with your support and suggestions we will make Cupid the best loving space. We have created these weapons that will give you the power to detect and report scam.

Online Dating Safety Weapons

These symbolic weapons will help your judging process when meeting a person online, always remember:


A key so you never disclose your password to anyone
A safe box to keep your money in your house and never send it to anyone you meet online.
A cape to protect your PC and keep your account safe
An alarm to report abuse if you suspect of a scam
An alarm to report abuse if you suspect of a scam