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The Divorce Process

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Separating From Your Partner

  • Consider all the issues involving a separation
  • Ensure your safety at all times
  • Seek help from qualified professionals
  • Your immigration status might be affected after a divorce
  • Get all the information possible.

Considering a separation or divorce isn't the most pleasant thing to think about, but sometimes relationships just don't work out. Some separations are amicable and mutually agreed upon. However, other break ups can be unpleasant and sometimes scary. Think smart and stay safe at all times.

Separation Issues

Separating from your partner may not necessarily be unsafe, but some issues you might have to consider are:

  • Distribution of marital assets, property etc.
  • Child custody, if you have children
  • Tax implications
  • Alimony issues
  • Expenses – legal and otherwise.

Separation Safety

If you are separating from your partner, always put your safety first.

  • Don’t continue to live together if you are separating from your partner.
  • If the break up is nasty, protect yourself in every way possible by changing all your passwords, ensuring your financial information is secure etc.
  • If you have children, ensure they have a safe and stable environment to live in while the separation is being finalized.
  • Do not tolerate threats or violence of any kind.

Immigration Status

A separation is painful for anyone but if you are dependent on your partner for your right to legally stay in the country, things might be a little more complicated for you. The best thing to do is to consult an immigration agent or solicitor who can advise you about your next course of action. Immigration departments usually have special provisions for divorced couples where one partner is a foreign national. Look up the relevant immigration website for more information.

This article on Immigration and Divorce provides some valuable information for US divorce cases.

Getting Help

Separations are not easy to handle and you will probably need a little extra help to get you through it.

  • Legal help – Legal jargon is confusing for the average person and there will probably be some legal issues related to your separation, so it is best to consult a qualified solicitor for help.
  • Immigration help – If your separation involves visa and immigration issues, you will need to consult a registered immigration agent or solicitor for the right course of action.
  • Counseling – Separating from a partner usually has an emotional and psychological impact too. Experienced counselors might be able to help you deal with it.
  • Friends & Family – Your close ones will probably be your biggest support during this difficult time; so don’t be afraid to confide in them.

Divorce Resources

Divorce laws and rights differ around the world so for a proper understanding of your rights in the event of a separation, your best bet is to consult a solicitor. However, some of these country-specific resources below might be helpful.